Friday, 2 August 2013

Relaxed 31DC Week 23 - Inspired By A Film

Greetings All!

Another week is drawing to a close, which means Double Challenge Friday! Today for the 31DC, I need to be inspired by a film. Unfortunately, I wasn't. So I decided to be inspired more by a genre of film than by one in particular.

I've always been a big fan of horror films. All kinds of horror films, especially ones with monster animals (sharks, crocodiles, piranhas etc - wow, humans do not like the water!) or teen slasher films (Scream, Final Destination, etc etc). I like a good horror movie, but I also really like a bad horror movie!

So my nails today are inspired by horror movies!

These take a little bit of explaining (grrr, I prefer it when my nails are obvious!). From left to right we have; the body count, which can be very important; blood (duh); a knife (the classic weapon of choice); some stab wounds (with the knife!), and finally, the bit at the beginning of the film where everything is flowers and rainbows. I love that bit, because you know something terrible is going to happen to ruin their happy life (what does that say about me?!).

Polishes used: Barry M Black Multi Glitter, Beauty UK White, Barry M Silver Foil Effect, 2true Shade 11, Barry M Dragon Fruit, OPI The Thrill of Brazil and OPI Got The Blues For Red. The stamp is CH44.

Stay tuned later on for some Nerdy Nails!


  1. I like bad horror movies too, they really make me giggle :P

    1. Gotta love a bad horror movie - terrible acting, cheesy special effects...wonderful!

  2. My hubby loves all those types of movies! I am scared of everything so I tend to "fall asleep". He loves all the movies you listed and Saw.

    1. I liked the death scenes in Saw (they were very creative!) but there was too much going on - I couldn't keep track of it all!

      I've spent a good chunk of the weekend watching horror films after this lol


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