Wednesday, 14 August 2013

UK Indies - TarasTalons #awkward and #firstworldproblems

Greetings All!

We're just about halfway through the week! I'm super tired today (late night + early morning = bad idea), but I wanted to show you two stunning polishes from the ever talented Tara. These are both from the Hashtag collection, and although they are a bit similar, they're just my type of polish, so I don't mind at all! I had to snap these up pretty quickly - as nearly all of Tara's polishes are one offs, I get this panicky voice in my head shouting 'Buy it! Before someone else does!', and I doubt these would have stuck around long!

Firstly, #awkward, 3 coats, with topcoat.

Are you seeing all those different shapes of glitter?! I'm a big fan of shaped glitter (especially stars!) and this has them, along with diamonds, hearts, hexes in various sizes, big old circles, and bar glitter, along with teeny tiny black and red glitter. All this (and more!) sitting in a creamy nude crelly base. What's not to like?! The base was a little bit thin, so I had to do a bit of shaking and swirling to get the glitters out, but with each nail, you don't know what's going to turn up!

#firstworldproblems is in a very similar base, with the same tiny red and black glitter, but with different larger glitter. This is again three coats, with topcoat.

This one has neon yellow stars, white bars, different coloured hexes, there's a bit of neon pink in there, all sorts really. The glitter isn't quite as big and chunky as #awkward, so I feel justified in owning both!

I love that Tara is getting more experimental with her glitters. Stars and hearts and circles...OK, you could put stars in nearly any polish, and I would love it, but I really like the combination of mad, crazy glitter with such a neutral base.

Oh! And both these pictures were taken after a shift at work. I'll put that into context - I'm wearing OPI today, and after work I have two chipped nails. Both these babies have stayed strong, which I'm very impressed with. I always forget to mention that bit lol - they wear really well (on me at least!).

As always, you buy TarasTalons polishes (but not these two) here on Etsy, and also now here on Folksy! And why not check out her blog and Facebook.


  1. nice! I am really loving Awkward! Really nice glitters in it! (My fellow lefty! :D)

    1. It's a really good range of glitter. Us sinister sisters have to stick together lol


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