Sunday, 25 August 2013

Glitter Bunny Polish Birthday Girl Collection

Greetings All!

These polishes are the last two from my recent Glitter Bunny haul. I've already shown you Strawbermelon and You Can Do It, Brucey!, and today I have two glitters from the Birthday Girl Collection.

Rainbow Sprinkles is just that, a sprinkle of rainbow! This is 2 coats over black.

I love matte glitter, especially when it has matte microglitter! There's something so brilliant about non-sparkly sparkles. It's a good mix of glitter but yeah, the microglitter is definitely my favourite part! It's very festive and looks great over the black.

I Got A Goody Bag is a mix of neon squares, with holo sparkle. Again, 2 coats, over black. I tried to be more imaginative, but what's the point when black is clearly the best?! Usually, anyway!

This is so cute. It's very much like confetti, and I love how even 2 coats gives it great depth. Thankfully this is opaque neon glitter - I don't really like the thought of having to wear it over a light colour, I like the option! (I also just worked out, these swatches were taken 12 days apart - my nails sure can grow fast when they want to!)

I had no problems with application - the glitters came out very easily, and I didn't need much topcoat to smooth them out. I bought them here, where shipping is only $4.50 per package!


  1. Love Rainbow Sprinkles over the black, looks absolutely stunning :-)


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