Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sun-Tried-Day - Primark Polishes (including a 50p flakie!)

Greetings All!

I have all kinds of polish - from indies, to OPI, to market stall polishes. What interests me is the end result - how the polish looks. Not the application, or the brush, or the dry time. Although when these things are good, it's great, they are kind of 'bonuses' to me. Some of my beautifully applying, fast drying OPIs I don't like at all. Some of my £1 bargains apply horribly, but I love how they look. I just thought I'd put that out there!

I was cutting through Primark a couple of months ago (which is the only time I go into a Primark!). I've had a couple of their polishes before, so I slowed down when I ot to the nail bit. Some little sets of polish caught my eye. They were £2 for a set of four little polishes, and they had some nice colours. For 50p a bottle, I thought they would be worth a go.

I ended up with four sets, which I will be naming Blue Set, Pink Set, Neon Set, and Sparkly Set. Some are better than others - I will be sharing with you my 'top picks', because some of these are a bit of a bargain.

But first, a bit of general information. These polishes stank! Very strong, and very fumy. Most were also a bit streaky, but I didn't need more than three coats for any of them. Dry time was about average - I left some time between coats, as once the coats built up, they became a bit soft, but they were touch dry pretty quickly. They did need a good topcoat to level them off and make them shine, but 99% of polishes need that in my experience. So these aren't 'fabulous' polishes, but they are cheap, and there are some good colours in there.

First up is the Blue Set.

My blue collection is sorely neglected (or was. I've expanded it quite a bit now!), so I try and pick up a pretty blue when I can. These are all pretty nice colours - the sort I would wear. I like the pale one best.

The glitter is also very pretty.

I did a bit of nail art with this set, to show how the colours go together.

Next up is the Pink Set. This looked impressive in the box, but failed a bit once I got it home.

The only two worth anything are the neon red and the bubblegum pink (the two on the right). The pink is my sort of shade, and the neon red is fairly unusual.

 The pinky shimmer I didn't like at all, and the pretty glitter with hearts in (very similar to OPI Nothin' Mousie 'Bout It) was a total fail. Even with fishing, I could not get a single heart out, and the shimmery base was watery and fairly rubbish.

The Neon Set I liked quite a bit. They're colours/shades that I didn't really have, and they were all opaque without undies.

I like all of these, but especially the purple and the green. The remind me quite a bit of the China Glaze Neon Jellies, and would probably make good undies for a sandwich, or stampwich.

These aren't quite as bright in the pictures, but we all know what a pain neons can be! They were very bright in real life.

Finally, the Sparkly Set. I cannot resist glitter! This one also has a blue/purple flakie in it, which I was very eager to try. Firstly the pinky nude, a sort of french manicure colour.

Nice enough - quite cute, and would be a good base for stamping.

Next, the holographic glitter.

I was kind of impressed with this one - I assumed it would be super sparse, but this is 2 coats, and I was pleased with the coverage. It's a bit chunkier than the fairy dust style of holo glitter I usually use, but it would be great for galaxy nails.

The pearly white I didn't even bother with. I've kept it, in case I ever need something like that for nail art, but that's it!

I've saved the best until last. I missed out on the whole 'flakies everywhere' trend, so I still get a bit giddy over them.

From what I've seen, flakies always look epic with matte topcoat.

I love this. It's so pretty, and it's 'proper' flakies, not the thick, hard, plasticy type. The shift from blue to purple is lovely, and it just looks like jewels on my nails, especially when matte.

These polishes aren't amazing, but if you are on a budget, or you need a quick polish fix, most of these are pretty good for the money. I would recommend all but the pink ones. I might need another Sparkly Set, as I imagine I'll go through that little 6ml flakie in no time!


  1. Wow for Primark some of them are lovely! The pale blue and first pink are so cute, and I've been dying for a flakie but don't really see them out and about, I might pick some of these up, £2 is a bargain!

    1. My thoughts exactly, and I love flakies! Brings my total up to three lol.
      £2 isn't hard to justify for 4 polishes - even if they were rubbish, you don't feel that hard done by!

  2. Wow these are some great bargains!

    1. I know right? And who doesn't love a little polish bargain pick me up!

  3. Great finds! I may have to take a little trip into Primark, I lovelovelove those blues!

    1. Me too, I was very happy with the blue set!

  4. That flakie is lovely! Really pretty :)

    1. I was ready to be disappointed with it, but I'm glad I wasn't!

  5. I have the blues at home and have been debating over the glittery set for a while, but having seen that flakie and holo glitter... I will be running to Primark very quickly! Gorgeous looking

    1. I think they're worth the price for those two. The pearly white is horrible, but the pink is quite cute.


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