Friday, 16 August 2013

Relaxed 31DC - Week 25 - Inspired By Fashion

Greetings All!

Double Challenge Friday is here! Just a quick post for now. I mentioned last week I wasn't super happy with the last few manicures I did for this challenge. I do like this one though!

I had to be inspired by fashion. Fashion is kind of something I have nothing to do with, except for maybe nail fashion! I wear mostly black, some of my clothes I've had for years, and my room is decorated like it's a storage room for Halloween decorations! It's just not something I have any interest in. So although today's manicure might seem simple, it took me ages to research!

Things I researched that are apparently in fashion - black and white, geometric patterns, neon colours.

My manicure.

I started with Beauty UK White on all my fingers. Some got stamped with Konad Black and CH3, while the others got 2 coats of Barry M SLE2013 A (a neon pink jelly), and some black and white glitter from The Face Shop.

My stamping is totally wonky - I find it a bit difficult to get the lines all straight and perfect! That's another reason why I favour the swirlier designs - they're a bit more forgiving of mistakes.

Apart from that, this manicure was really fun, if a bit too garish (neon and checkerboards? It was like my nails were screaming!).

I'll be back later with some Nerdy Nails!


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