Friday, 8 November 2013

Bourjois - Dangerous Wish

Greetings All!

I don't often post 'normal' polish swatches, usually just indies because I'm such a polish snob now! Ha no, I still buy plenty of regular polish, but I tend not to share plain swatches of...less exciting polish.

However, this one is a pretty exciting polish! This is 2 coats of Dangerous Wish, no undies.

This was a birthday present from my mum (thanks mum!), Superdrug helpfully put together a stand of Halloween makeup each year, and this was on that stand! It's a perfect black jelly - just opaque enough to cover the nail while still allowing the greeny gold holo glitter to sparkle through. Perfect for Halloween, but also lovely all year round!

The '1 Seconde' refers to the amount of time it takes to paint each nail (a lie, because glitter and jelly takes a bit more effort!). It claims to dry in 50 seconds (also a lie!), but I'll forgive it because, well, look at it!

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