Thursday, 21 November 2013

UK Indies - NailsInspire Thermal Polish - Satin Kiss

Greetings All!

As polish fans, we're quite spoiled for choice these days. The vast array of colours, styles and finishes blows my mind sometimes! One style I've quickly become a little obsessed with is thermal polish. I still remember seeing the Dance Legend thermals with the glitter in. I spent a couple of months pining for one! Finally last month I popped my thermal cherry (there's a phrase I didn't think I would ever type!) with this polish, and currently I'm up to seven thermals!

Today's polish is extra exciting because as well as being a thermal polish, it's also a UK indie! I saw swatches of these shortly before NailsInspire launched, wiped the drool away and then waited patiently! Stocks were very limited (the whole collection sold out pretty quickly), so I'm very happy that I managed to get all four. I'll be posting them separately, as and when I wear them (I like to keep them on for a couple of days!).

The first one to get on my nails is Satin Kiss, which changes between a browny burgundy, and a vivid red. This is 2 coats. It dried to quite a suede finish, but I was wearing dented base coat (this was after work!) so I needed topcoat to even it out a bit!

Thermals are so hard to take pictures of! Luckily I captured the 'gradient' so I didn't bother with the hot and cold versions. You can see them both already! This is a beautiful polish, the colour change came easily (no hiding under the duvet to warm my hands this time!), and I'm just generally super impressed!

You can buy NailsInspire polish here (unfortunately these are all sold out though!).


  1. That is one awesome colour :) I hope you don't mind but I have tagged you to join in for fun with this post :)
    Tracey x

  2. That is awesome! I'm so miffed I didn't get ANY of these :(

  3. lovely, your house must be warmer than mine, my Satin Kiss didn't go quite that light!


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