Saturday, 16 November 2013

Different Dimension - Drops of Jupiter

Greetings All!

Today I have another polish that I snagged from Rainbow Connection (and another one that's currently sold out!). I have a serious weakness for anything in a black base - I instantly justify it (it's black!) and into the cart it goes. This one also has holo glitter, and stars, so I never really stood a chance!

This is 2 coats over black.

I've seen some swatches where the glitter is quite sparse, and it does look really pretty, but that's not me. I like full-on glitter! And this is pretty full-on, especially when I tilt my nails just right, and create a whole rainbow! Holo circles are nearly the best glitter ever - they really light up with a rainbow of colours so easily, it's like they were meant for each other!

I bought my bottle from Rainbow Connection, you can also buy DD from EtsyLlaroweMei Mei's Signatures...the list goes on!


  1. This is stunning, I love how the circles and stars look under the second coat - kind of hidden but still sparkly! Fab! x

    1. Haha that's what I like about it too! Gotta love a jelly base.


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