Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Tri Polish Challenge November 2013 - Manicure 3

Greetings All!

Yet again I've been loving this month's colours together! So perfect for this month - the days are getting very short, everything's a bit cold and grey and dull, and it does put me in the mood for some muted tones. Here's a quick reminder of this month's polishes.

Sally Hansen Dorian Grey, Good To Grape and Thinking of Blue. I do like it when my polishes 'match'!

 I'm saving my favourite manicure until last, so these are today's nails. I took inspiration from a manicure I saw over at Leesha's Lacquer. I do love leopard print, but I wanted to do something sightly different with it.


  1. These colours work so well together! Liking the leopard pattern too :)

  2. The moment I saw this I fell in lurve! From the colors to the execution of the cheetah print I'm in love! Thank you for this eyegasm!


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