Sunday, 17 November 2013

UK Indies - Iconic Effect Disney Holos

Greetings All!

It's fairly rare for me to post about a holo polish. I tend to wear them 'away from the blog', and quite often I don't even try to take photos! Recently though, I, erm, learned how to use my camera. I've had the thing for several years, not realising that it had different settings! So now I can photograph holos (not brilliantly, but enough so that you can see what they are!), and I've even had a go at glow in the dark polish.

I've still been buying holo polish, of course! Iconic Effect are well known on the UK indie scene for their holos, especially their holo topcoats, and they always seem to sell out super quickly! Somehow I was in the right place at the right time, and I managed to grab these two.

Cruella De Vil I sort of tricked myself into thinking was black. It's actually blue, but the darkest blue I've ever seen! Both these polishes are rather sheer, and definitely needed undies. Cruella's were Color Club Blue Topia (I think!), and this is 2 coats and no topcoat.

The first two were taken under 'normal' artificial light, and the last three are my usual photo setup (daylight bulb). You can clearly see that my usual method isn't anyway near as holographic! Such a beautiful polish though, plenty of colour in natural and artificial light, and a lovely effect!

Lotso is a bubblegum pink holo. This is 2 coats over SH Courtesan, again with no topcoat.

Dark colours always seem to make the holo 'pop' a little more, but this is a great colour (we learned this week that pink is my most owned colour!), and I really love how it seems to pick up the orange most (pink and orange...mmm).

Iconic Effect are usually sold out of most things! However, I believe there will be a restock this Friday (22nd), so keep an eye out!

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