Saturday, 9 November 2013

UK Indies - Nelly Polish Jonah's Green and Wilf's Ladybird

Greetings All!

Last month, between the 33DC and Halloween, I didn't really have time for many other polishes. I've got a bit of a backlog of indies, most of them from here in the UK. So much so, I've had to buy another polish stand to house them all! I might have to decorate it a bit, and make my official UK indie corner.

I also have a new nail length! I let them grow freely while I was on holiday, but last weekend I filed them down a bit, because I'm terrified I'll break one at work, and everyone will laugh at how annoyed I get by it!

Nelly Polish is one of those wonderful UK brands. You can buy it ready made or in dried form, so it can be sent internationally. I have previously used the dried form, and I can confirm that it works! I bought these polishes in liquid form though, because I didn't have much spare clear polish lying around (I go through top and base coat like water!).

First up is Jonah's Green. Both of these polishes were designed by Hilary's children, and I must admit I'm a little bit sad that they are so good at it! Much better than I would be! I'll never be a polish designer lol. This is 2 coats with topcoat, no undies.

This is a perfect shade of green, a bit tealy, and really rich and vibrant. It gives perfect coverage in 2 coats, not a hint of vnl but loads of depth for the gold glitter. Simple, but so so gorgeous! Hilary really nails green polish (Looe being another favourite of mine).

Wilf's Ladybird also has green, but this time lime green holo glitter in a slightly greyish purple base. This time I used 3 coats, but again with topcoat and no undies. My pictures have come out slightly more grey than in real life, but my camera has always had a problem with purple!

The base is quite a soft, almost neutral sort of shade, perfect for Autumn/Winter. The glitter really lifts its up and makes it that bit more special, without being too overstated and blingy. It's a really pretty combination!

You can buy Nelly Polish here.


  1. That is such a cute bottle! And very pretty colors!

  2. lovely, I have Jonah's Green, must try it soon :) looks like I need Wilf's Ladybird too!

    1. You should try it, I had mine for a while and I'm regretting not using it sooner!

  3. Wah, I love that grey with green specks!! <3


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