Friday, 15 November 2013

The Crumpet's Nail Tarts 33DC Day 24 - Art With Your Most Owned Colour

Greetings All!

For this prompt, I immediately knew which colour I owned the most of. Would you like to take a guess? Even though I knew the answer, I was still a little bit surprised when I found out!

Pink?! yep. My pink collection is hew-ge, it's only a few bottles short of filling up a whole drawer in my Helmer! I do like a pink polish, and I guess they so run the spectrum from very pale, right up to burgundy type colours, so there's a lot of variety. Or maybe somehow, deep down I'm a girly girl. Yeah, no.

This manicure was done with three pink untrieds, Color Club Angels N' Pink as the base, Barry M Princess from their new Textured collection as the chevron/half moon detailly bits, and Deborah Lippmann Some Enchanted Evening as the glittery tips. I think I might have gone a bit too far - after I did the triangles (taped this time, instead of freehand) it was still looking a little plain, and I thought some glitter on the tips would really round it off. Lesson learned!


  1. Love this! I think (hope!) pink would be my 'most owned' too :-)

    1. Thank you!

      I don't know what I was expecting - red and black don't have the same variety of shades lol.


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