Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Crumpet's Nail Tarts 33DC Day 29 - Your Favourite Pattern

Greetings All!

We're halfway through the week! Yesterday I hit 50.000 page views, a big milestone for me. Thank you to everyone who contributed! I know that big picture-wise, it isn't really all that much, but to me that's a huge number, and quite difficult to comprehend! I hope you've all seen something you liked, and it wasn't just a waste of your time haha.

On to today's prompt, which was actually very easy for me. If I had to have only one pattern on my nails forever, it would be this one!

This beautiful image is from DRK-B, and it has featured on the blog numerous times, and on my nails even more than that! It's absolutely perfect - a lovely leafy, swirly design, very forgiving of my placement skills (unlike, for example, a more geometric design or something small that has to be perfect!), and the image size is massive so I don't have to get it lined up perfectly on my long nails! Put together it's a very quick and easy image to stamp, but looks great every time.

My favourite combination is black and gold, but today my base is OPI Funky Dunkey, and untried, but a very recent addition. I've been eyeing up this shade for a few months, so it only took a couple of days before this gorgeous purple hopped onto my nails! I'm also very shocked by the (relative!) colour accuracy shown here, as my camera is notoriously bad with purple. I stamped with Revlon Vintage, which apart from the Barry M Foils is my best non-stamping polish to stamp with. It's a gorgeous colour, and stamps really well, and it's also a great one coat polish! So, lots of things I like in this manicure!

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