Tuesday, 5 November 2013

New UK Indies - NailsInspire Firework Polishes

Greetings All!

Happy November 5th! Traditionally here in the UK we have fireworks and a bonfire today. It's a bit too cold for me to go out and stand in a muddy field staring at the sky, but people near us often have them, so I can watch them from the comfort of my room!

I can also put them on my nails, thanks to NailsInspire's firework collection! Four polishes with sparkly glitters in a black base, to look like fireworks in the night sky.

Green is definitely my favourite, both in the bottle and on the nail. It's very sparkly and jewel like, with plenty of holo I used 2 coats over black for all of these swatches.

Red is...not quite as exciting as the other three. That sounds a little mean, and it is a nice polish, but it just doesn't have the same sparkle as the others. I guess maybe the others are the big explody fireworks that make everyone go 'oooh', and Red is more like those balls of light that just kind of go up in the air (my technical firework knowledge is seriously lacking lol).

See, it is pretty, but it's much more understated than the other three. I should have worn this one first!

Blue is full of blue glitter (shocker!). I especially like the denim-y coloured hexes.

And lastly Pink, which is the most sparkly. The glitter in it really catches any light and sparkles!

I think Pink is probably the most reminiscent of a firework, because it really does light up on the nail!

I had no issues with application. I think a couple could have done with an extra layer of topcoat, but they aren't especially gritty or anything. I'm not sure I needed undies - I think they would build up well on their own, definitely by three coats.

You can buy NailsInspire polish here - I'm especially excited by the Christmas thermal range!


  1. These are very sparkly, my favourite is the pink one, so pretty! X


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