Thursday, 7 November 2013

TarasTalons - Talon Treasure Trove

*This product was provided for review*

Greetings All!

Regular visitors will know I have quite a largish TarasTalons polish collection. Tara makes such beautiful polishes - hers was the first UK indie polish brand I became aware of, and I was pretty much instantly hooked! Since then Tara has become a bit of a one stop shop for nail art - polish, nail art pens, all kinds of embellishments, even hand care products. I can hardly wait for December to open my polish advent calendar, and I also really need to get round to trying her new matte topcoat!

She also offers subscriptions - Polish Club (which we're not meant to talk about lol), and now Talon Treasure Trove. When Tara contacted me about reviewing this latest service, of course I said yes!

Subscribers receive a box sent out on the first of every month full of polish and nail art bits (there is also an option for every other month). Here's what was in my box!

It includes sweets! It's always nice to have a bit of sugar when unwrapping nail mail, I think.

Some very cute embellishemnts - rhinestones, fimo butterflies, bows and some adorable sewing based bits. Also 2 pots of glitter, which I must admit I'm scared to use because I just know I'll get them everywhere! I did once manage to drop one of those pots of glitter all over my carpet (it sparkled for weeks!), so I kind of banned myself.

Indie nail art pens - I love this idea so much, it's so cool, like 'yeah, even my nail art pens are indie'. Unfortunately I SUCK at using these so hard, I always have. I can never maintain even pressure, I get blobs and gaps, and if I'm doing particularly well I can also gouge my base with the nib. 

A mini polish from Tara's Halloween collection. I very nearly bought this for the name alone, so it was a nice surprise!

Finally, 2 full sized polishes. Oh yes, and one is named after me!

So here is Cazzy! A metallic pinky purple with rainbow glitter, perfect at 2 coats like nearly all of Tara's polishes (some of her jellies are 3 coaters). Is there anything better than rainbow glitter? OK, yes there is, but it's still right up there!

I think one of the good things about getting polish and embellishments together is that it encourages you to use them together. So that's what I did.

The little bows were too cute not to use, especially as one was purple! I would really like to get more into 3D nail art - I've bought plenty over the last year, but it mostly ends up in my 'embellishment box' unused. I'm a picker, so they wouldn't last long on my nails, but then I change my polish every day anyway, so that's kind of redundant! Note to self - stick more things on your nails. I want to use the butterflies next - they're even better than butterfly glitter!

Glitterlicious is exactly that - a delicious bottle of glitter. I love the slightly tarnished, goldy bronze shade - I think it looks quite vintage, and also weirdly Christmassy. 

I tried to use the nail art pens over Glitterlicious, but wow, you should have seen the mess I made! That isn't a reflection on the pens themselves, they seemed to work fine. It's me that doesn't work! I'll admit, my heart did sink a little bit when I unwrapped them, because I knew they would beat me! I still love the idea though, enough that I will be trying again (and almost certainly failing again, but it's the trying that counts!).

The Talon Treasure Trove costs £20 per month (with a value of at least £30), and you can subscribe for the December box here. I think they're a great little kit, because you've got everything you need for creating nail art, and they would also make a great present!

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