Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Polished By KPT - Siren's Song

Greetings All!

There are so many exciting and fascinating styles of polish wandering around these days, and one of those awesome styles is thermal polish. I've been lusting after the concept ever since I first saw them, and I finally treated myself to one last month from Rainbow Connection after a tax rebate!

This is 2 coats of Siren's Song, no undies.

On reflection, October may not have been the best time to expect an amazing thermal effect - my hands are fairly cold all the time, so the polish was nearly always blue (cold). I had to get under the duvet for about 15 minutes to warm my hands up! The effect is truly amazing though, and so fast (and hard to photograph)!

I love all three 'versions' of the polish (hot, cold and in between), but of course I love the gradient look best. The glitter is also really pretty, and I love how much it stands out when the polish is warm. I'm definitely glad I treated myself, and I'm keeping my cold fingers crossed that come the warmer weather (which seems SO far away right now, I know), my hands will cooperate a little more!

Siren's Song is currently sold out at Rainbow Connection, and directly from Polished By KPT, just to rub it in!


  1. If you end up liking thermals, I'd give the Pretty & Polished ( range a go - I've got a few and they're awesome :D

    This polish is gorgeous though, totally gonna have to stalk rainbow connection for a bottle!

    1. You're right - they do look pretty awesome!

      Luckily I have the Nails Inspire Christmas thermal collection on it's way, so hopefully that'll curb my lust a bit!

  2. I have nominated you the The Versatile Blogger Award, check it out here :)
    Tracey x


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